Principle of Success

Rev. Dickson Etinosa Ogbahon ministered on 50/20 Principle of Success from Genesis 50:20 said being an  Unbeatable Christian is having what the world have and adding to what we have in God, that for us to have these principles of success, we need to understand the kingdom Principles which includes;

Whatever has been before and now doesn’t matter, all things are working together for our good

We should Begin with a God given Dream: He used several people from the bible that their names starts with J, He said we are children of God.

He told us that some people are too spiritual for our dreams, there’s no gift that God will give us to serve us alone.

  1. Joseph –The Leadership, respect people under you and they will respect you
  2. Joshua –Train people to become what God has called them to be ( Js.1:6)
  3. Josiah –The dream of a reformer (2kings23:15)
  4. Jeremiah –The dream of building and Planting in the Nations (Jere 1:7-10)
  5. John the Baptist –The dream of a successful Evangelist
  6. Jude-The dream of Bringing back Standards
  7. John-The dream of Gift writing to the Church (Acts27:25)

The speaker concluded by saying as a dreamer we must be tenacious about our dreams,

We should develop gifts at the point of serving others, we should find the dream that God has given us by doing that we will be able to enjoy these principles.

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