You Are Too Loaded to Fail

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What an awesome way to open Youth Summit 2016 with over 5,000 delegates from the length and breadth of Nigeria. Archbishop Margaret B. Idahosa delivered a charge on TO KNOW OUR OCCUPATION AND WORKING WHILE IT IS DAY, John 9:4. It was an awesome moment to have Our Main Guest Speaker, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo kick off #CYFSummit2016 with a powerful message titled “YOU ARE TOO LOADED TO FAIL”.

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Excerpts of the message

  • To be loaded means:
  • To be in the upper class
  • To be Packed full, Prosperous and up scale.
  • To be an extention of the kingdom of God
  • To be running over
  • To have something increadible
  • To be exclusive
  • In every area you are competent
  • We are beyond human comprehension
  • For us to fail it means God has to fail, since God cannot fail, i cannot fail.
  • God bless you does not mean your material possession”
  • We are loaded and cannot fail because we are carrying the abundance/DNA of Gods blessings.
  • All you need is information, information brings transformation.
  • if we must occupy you have to go with the authority of Jesus.
  • We carry the life of God in us and we cannot be small or depised in life.

Other highlight of the night was the Opening Carnival.

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Indeed #CYFSummit2016 is an experience that will linger in the hearts of everyone for time immemorial.

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