You Are Too Loaded to Fail

What an awesome way to open Youth Summit 2016 with over 5,000 delegates from the length and breadth of Nigeria. Archbishop Margaret B. Idahosa delivered a charge on TO KNOW OUR OCCUPATION AND WORKING WHILE IT IS DAY, John 9:4. It was an awesome moment to have Our Main Guest Speaker, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo kick off #CYFSummit2016 with a powerful message titled “YOU ARE TOO LOADED TO FAIL”.

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Excerpts of the message

  • To be loaded means:
  • To be in the upper class
  • To be Packed full, Prosperous and up scale.
  • To be an extention of the kingdom of God
  • To be running over
  • To have something increadible
  • To be exclusive
  • In every area you are competent
  • We are beyond human comprehension
  • For us to fail it means God has to fail, since God cannot fail, i cannot fail.
  • God bless you does not mean your material possession”
  • We are loaded and cannot fail because we are carrying the abundance/DNA of Gods blessings.
  • All you need is information, information brings transformation.
  • if we must occupy you have to go with the authority of Jesus.
  • We carry the life of God in us and we cannot be small or depised in life.

Other highlight of the night was the Opening Carnival.

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Indeed #CYFSummit2016 is an experience that will linger in the hearts of everyone for time immemorial.

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