Worth the Wow

Bishop FebBishop FEB IDAHOSA,  shared with us on WORTH THE WOW, if we want to understand what God has called us to be we must first understand we are worth.

  1. Character is who we are if we are going to worth the wow, what’s inside us must match what’s inside, in Marriage we must match the Inside to outside ,your Character, the way you get there,
  2. Every choice we make our appearance and everything must match who we are.
  3. The things that people say about us- The three most important words ever spoken it is Finished,

Mistakes that people make about their Worth.

  • Don’t Anchor our future/worth to our Past Mistakes
  • We shouldn’t tie our worth to our past
  • We shouldn’t make the mistake of Believing in our mistake, our past doesn’t determine our future, it’s Christ that determines our worth.
  • We shouldn’t anchor our worth on what people say about us.

Our worth is not determine by what people say to us or do to us, our worth is based on what Christ has done for us. Jeremiah 1:5, Christ we know we’re worth the wow that is why He chose us. Our worth is determined by God not by our title. When Christ sees us he sees the value he placed on us before we were born.



  1. Find a mentor who is willing to hold your hand through the process –The mentor prevents you from making the same mistakes he has made, Find someone to learn from-A wise person learn from the mistakes of other people
  2. Work Hard, work smart everyday of your life- if we are going to be successful we should be the one who people are willing to follow , as we are working our critics will talk but our result will defend us. The devil has been defeated once for all. We are seated with Christ in Heavenly places.
  3. Tie your dreams to God’s dream and you will never be broke a day in your life-Make sure there is a way to win souls to Christ when you discover your purpose.



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