Fulfilling Your Purpose

The morning section was a great experience for the Youths who attended it and those who we’re watching it live, twitting, uploading the happenings on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo started with a very vital question; Do you know what drives you, motivates you to do what you are doing?

Purpose is the totality of our lives, total sum of who we are, give us the drive to achieve, pursue, the reason for the journey of life, the aim to which the view is directed in any design, an intended or desired result, by which we believe, we exist, purpose makes us to stay in our determined stage and it keeps us alive,

He also talked about purpose as a premeditated action, the speaker made us understand that when there is a purpose, there is a projection, proposition, purpose is an objective, too many of us are living on default, not the original design by God.

when we don’t  know the purpose of a thing we abuse it. God wants us to realize that there is a design for our live, when we live by other people’s expectations we live by default, including the moral fibre of our lives, it’s a dangerous tragedy is to be alive and don’t know why we are alive, when purpose is not known, even if money is given to us we would waste it.

We should not measure ourselves with our current status, find purpose don’t find title, it’s in the creativity of a man to have dominion

The existence of Purpose determines nature, the gravity of our battles is the sign of our destiny, been deliberate about what you are doing, when we know our purpose we will rise above the temptation of lives, delayed gratification is a sign of maturity.

When we know our purpose we can never loose significance, when we don’t know our purpose everything is destroyed.

How do we fulfill our purposes in life,

For us to be able to fulfill our purposes in life, we should do the following;

  1. Serve the lord.
  2. Make good choices, great decision, let our purpose determine our choices, our destiny should be our priority, make the fulfillment of our purpose the passions of our lives.

Purpose takes us away from meaningless places, purpose gives us motivation, gives us concentration, be in a spiritual house with a spiritual covering, keep our focus, don’t go off the track, stay in the track, purpose gives us sense of self-worth.

Before the end of the service, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, gave several testimonies concerning different people who God has used as a result of the various seeds that they have sowed over the years.

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