Youth On a Mission

Rev Mrs Uchefuna Ministered on Youth on A Mission

Missions cannot be done without evangelism but evangelism can be done without mission.

The word mission is tied to the word purpose, what we see is our vision and how we do it is our mission. Go to everywhere were we can make changes and have positive influence on the people. Mission is something that revolves

Mission: God’s love and redemptive work extend to the next door neighbour and across cultural lines, building his kingdom. Money is a means for the mission.

The mandate movement

God is on a mission of transforming

Why we should be people of Mission

  1. Jesus himself was a soul Winner (1tim1:15,Mat 29:19),it is an invitation that every Christian doesn’t need to turn down (Acts 2:28)
  2. Because the Harvest is Plentiful (Isa 59:8), We should be willing at all time to show and share to people what God has done for us. Nobody refuses love. we should ourselves available for God to commission us because the Harvest is so great
  3. Labourers are few (Isa59:8), we cannot continue to remain insensitive and ignore the problem around us
  4. Because Jesus died for the Whole world –The Great Commission (Rom 10), God’s motive is to build the kingdom all over the occupation is for me to live a life of influence

We don’t have to be pastors to do something; we are all empowered to do the purpose of God.

How can the Youths are Involved in Mission

  • Turn everything we do in youth meeting to soul winning activity
  • Our gifts can be surrendered
  • Missions requires knowledge, is what you know that you can participate in.

She concluded by asking us a question what do you have to do?

She made an alter call for those who are willing to go out and share the mission of God for those who have not been saved.


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