Occupy the Political Sphere

#CYFSummit2016 Day1 (5)Rev. Humphrey Said, we need to be in place where we can influence the situation from negative to positive, salt is a preservative ,Christianity is supposed to be practiced outside the church ,we must show forth the light to those outside the church (Who are not born again ).

He made us to understand that God cannot establish an authority and give it to the enemy; God wants us to establish his light for everyone to see.

We must understand that God requires us to bear the burden of Nation Building , God has placed other people to take over, we don’t need to bow to the enemy ,God created the earth for us not Satan, any man who doesn’t love the knowledge of God is a novice .

Politics is very vital area of service hood, what we can do God will not help us to do it God is equipping us to make difference in our Nation

Politics is not even, it’s an avenue to collate different people ideas, Christians are integral part of a society; the fortunes of Christians are tied to the nation. If we are to be involved as salt and light, we should be involved in the social structure of the Nation,

We should have the mentality of creating empowerment not job, we shouldn’t make up to become politicians, and we should make a conscious decision so as to impact the lives of people in the Nation.


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