Our Vision

To raise God-class leaders with integrity, moral discipline, passion, for excellence, accountability and dignity of labour.

Our Mission

To build up our members for effective Christian life as well as economic and societal relevance through the following Overreaching Objectives:
  • Being a catalyst to good governance, progressive national and economic reforms.
  • Providing a channel for both National and International collaboration with youth bodies/organisations like the UN-Youth, Nigerian Youth Council for poverty elevation and gender equality through, affordable education,  skills acquisition and apprenticeship training, dignity of humanity and respect of human life.
  • Creating platforms that serves as a spring board for youths to aspire to heights of professionalism on one hand and also masters of artisan/craftsmanship through personal and intellectual capacity development.
  • Believing no youth is void of greatness but that in-born in every youth is a residual docile potential requiring a slight push to generate the required energy to produce greatness with outstanding and brilliant results
  • Striving to harness our rich cultural diversity to form a strong bond of  indivisibility, showcasing our rich (cultural) heritage of love and oneness.
  • Redirecting youthful energy and passion aright, producing potential world class leaders instead of societal miscreants or mediocre.
  • By acting as solution providers to government and policy makers though our  i-Exchange Program where we engage world-class gurus in various sectors bringing out the best ideas that will form path ways to national transformation through intellectual intercourse.
  • Working with different organisations in promoting and providing charitable activities.

You Can Download a PDF Copy of Our Operational CYF Bye-Law & Orientation Document (CYF 101)


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