2018 International Youth Day Speech

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Youths all over the world are known for one thing- their energy.

Being a youth is synonymous with strength, energy and exuberance.

However, youths have not completely mastered the art of channeling these attributes into meaningful and innovative  productivity.

As youths, it is therefore up to us not to despise our youthful stage in life, as time will not wait for us.

It therefore behooves on us to take responsibility for the future that we desire by making the right decisions today.

Success is a function of your choices and your ability to stir up your innate qualities as well as gather and garner knowledge on your chosen field of endeavour.

The situations many youths have found themselves today, have pushed them into depression, corruption, fraud, drug abuse and other evil acts and many have lost a sense of purpose but all hope is not lost, you are that hope! Your success, can be that inspiration that will set straight the course of other youths who are yet to discover their purpose. Don’t fold your hands and watch,when you can use those same hands to lift others out of a cycle of confusion and pain.

Peer influence shouldn’t be viewed only from the negative perspective,you can lead a life that will positively impact the lives of your peers.

Reach out and be the light in the obscurity of hopelessness that many find themselves today. Your actions and successes will illuminate and turn the minds of other youths to productive tools which will lead them to act right. We as youths , must understand that to have safer spaces and opportunities for growth, we must strive to do the right things that will make us acceptable,approachable and reliable.

We must put to good use our mental and physical strength to design and implement strategies that will put us on the pedestal of leadership in our different fields of endeavour.

So rise up, stand tall and take your place. It is in you!

Happy International Youth Day!


Pastor A. Harvey


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