18 Characteristics of Kingdom Billionaires

#CYFSummit2016 Day1 (16)Day three of #CYFSummit2016 started with a great Prayer session, then a powerful praise and worship session before the choir made their Song Ministration

There was a health talk by Dr. Edward that focused on health lifestyle that can help us live longer.

He made us to understand we need to do three different things frequently for us to stay healthy , which are as follows;

  1. Rest when is necessary and Appropriate
  2. Exercise Frequently
  3. Eat balanced diet

After the health session , Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo was introduced to take us on a Business Session on 18 CHARACTERISTICS OF KINGDOM BILLIONAIRES, with Scriptures  PS 66:12,Prov.4:25

He told us that we should have the mind-set of Billionaires in the world, as Christian we should know that the World is getting better in the midst of Various Challenges.

We should develop the mind set of prosperity. When we break the law of prosperity, we cannot enjoy prosperity

We should understand that God doesn’t respond to our needs but He respond to our seed, it means the investment we put into the kingdom Business to increase the kingdom of God in every areas of our lives.

Success is not an accident, but it is a calculated and a deliberate thing. It leads tracks, when we see the people who are successful we can see and follow their track records of how their successes came about.

It is not the age but the stage that we are which matters.


  1. Dream Great Dreams: He said we should have great dreams in Tactical, short term and long term goals, we should see ourselves in the place of Happiness and Prosperity.
  2. Do what we are Passionate about: Turn our Passion to source of income, our Passion is all about our dedication, our learning.
  3. Find to develop your unique gift.

– Skill

– Natural gift

– Supernatural ability of the Holy spirit

You spend your life on what you are not good at, find your passion

  1. See yourself as self-employed wealth will be transferred to me, Be diligent in another man business
  2. Commit to excellence. All successful people are good at what they do. Prov.22:29, you cannot walk into the realm of the millions. Is not what you are passionate about? Excellence makes you feel good at what you do.
  3. Develop a clear sense of direction-live a strategic life
  4. Have a money mission
  • Sponsoring of the gospel
  • Bless my family and myself
  • Bless those of my household of faith
  • To help needy people. James1:7
  1. Refuse the thought of failure: 1Jn 4:8 – when we see a setback ,we see a forward movement , Failure is not final and Fatal
  2. Commit ourselves to continue learning –Never look at the cost of a book but look at the content of the book. Take courses in some field, listen to audio tapes, increase the intensity of listening to audio tapes.
  3. Develop the Habit of a hand worker: Prov 24:30-34, Jn 5:17,We should work harder, smarter, faster, longer, start early ,finish late
  4. Get around the right people ;Heb 6:12
  5. Prepare to climb from Peak to Peak
  6. Develop an hunger for success
  7. Develop a definite sense of Purpose
  8. Develop a comeback mentality
  9. Be courageous and Persistent
  10. Develop self esteem
  11. Protect your Future

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