Team 5 is a group of 5 friends in any CYF branch coming together to partner with our 6 million naira fund raising project, with just 1k for 12 months.

 The Goal: N6,000,000.00  (Six Million naira)
Timeline: 12months
Minimum Partnership Amount: N1,000. only
No of Team5 needed: 100 teams from all branches combined
Breakdown: 1k only from 500 people in 12months = 1000 x 500 x 12 = 6,000,000
We need just 500 people to contribute just 1k monthly for 12months
And this 500 people is broken down into small teams called #Team5.

500 divide by 5 = 100, we need 100 teams made up of 5 people only

This team of 5 is made up of any 5 friends or pals in church, who will volunteer to come together to partner with this 6million naira fund raising project. Not under any obligation but voluntarily and one of them can volunteer to be team captain of his or her Team5. The team is not gender sensitive, mix as you want – all guys, all ladies, guys & ladies combine, are all accepted, so long as it’s a team of 5 people.

Therefore we need to raise 100 teams across CYF in all branches nationwide combined. No compulsory target is on any branch but we trust our presidents and excos to inspire the formation of as many teams as possible in your branch.
Each CYF branch will have a Team5 coordinator who will be communicating with the team captain of every team5 in his or her branch.
  • Every branch will have different Team 5 as many as can be formed
  • Every team5 has a captain
  • Every team captain reports to a coordinator
  • Every coordinator reports to a manager
It’s a not hectic chain of command but simple synergy
The Task….
  • The Manager motivates the coordinators and send them reminders toward end of month
  • The Coordinators motivates the captains and send them reminders end of month too
  • The Captains motivates their #Team5 (5 people), send them reminders and follow-up to collect their partnership support
All done in a friendly and inspirational way in the spirit of team work and unity of purpose
Keywords in this campaign: Motivate, Inspire, Encourage and Support
Role Person-in-Charge
The Managers Zonal/Bishopric President or any one assigned, and must be monitored closely by the zonal/Bishopric president
The Coordinators Branch President or any one assigned, and must be monitored closely by the branch president
The captains Team5 captains can be anyone who volunteers or takes responsibility to organize and form a team or whoever the team appoints


Captains submits collection to Coordinators
Coordinators submits to Managers and keeps record
Manager remit to CYF account and keeps proper record


Report & Feedback Chain for Follow-up and easy Audit

Personnel Monthly Duty
The captains Receive payment from team members and  remit to coordinator
The Coordinators

(Branch President)

Receive payment from captains and submit to team manager
The Managers

(Zonal/Bishopric President)

Receive payment gathered and pay into designated CYF account, and send notification to Regional Director
**Regional Directors Collates record of payment received from Managers and forward down
**National Treasurer Receive and record collations from Regional Directors

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