What is MegaCon?

MegaCon is the short form of CGMi Mega Conference. This is a gathering of all CGMI members worldwide at a single meeting. This idea was thoroughly thought about by the Bishops and Cordinators in their meetings over the last three years and endorsed by our Archbishop. The conference is aimed at creating synergy among all groups/arms of the church and maximise the potentials of same for efficient advancement of the commission, showing our strength and better positioning our church rightly for both internal and external (national) transformation.

The purpose of the mega conference is to synergize groups activities, maximize strength of groups, reduce annual cost of programmes, reduce stress associated with travelling at least twice to Benin for conferences as well as remove the difficulty of the working class taking leave to attend conventions more than once a year.

9th – 13th August 2017

No. There will not be any other National conferences at individual groups level, i.e CWFI, CYF, AGAPE, all these would have been integrated for the better good of the entire commission. But these can still held at Bishopric levels.

All groups would still have independence of their programs as before but all these conventions and conference will run concurrently. Meaning all groups will at morning sessions run their conference at different venues. We all will however converge at BGC for an all encompassing gathering every evening

As usual, all groups will generate their funds as before and fund the sections of their breakout (morning) sessions

All groups will have their Morning Sessions at different venues with a general convergence of all at BGC every evening. For Example: Women will be at Restoration Centre at Ogba, Youths at Faith Arena, Agape at BIU and men at Miracle Center.

Transportation of attendees to and fro or between BGC and Hostel accomodation would be planned and well arranged both by MegaCon and individual groups planning committees

Individual groups will determine their speakers who will speak at the breakout (morning) sessions but subject to the Approval of the Archbishop

For further inquiries and suggestions please contact us on megacon@cgmglobal.org
Let us plan and prepare for CGMi Mega Conference 2017. God bless!

***Updated 15th January, 2017