The state of our communities is a far cry from what we desire, the masses are hungry and poverty has driven people to adapt to unacceptable standard of living. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that a staggering 112,519,000 from an estimated 163 million Nigerians live in relative poverty, an alarming condition.

People are becoming more self-centered and self-seeking at the detriment of their neighbor/ community, scavenging for the loose cow, an attitude that enthrones greed and corruption. In such sad conditions, people still raise their head in hope of the joy of the yuletide hence, DECEMBER COOKOUT.

December Cookout is a periodical initiative that provides care for communities with basic amenities. It involves cooking in the open to feed and share gifts (toiletries, clothes, etc) to families in selected communities as part of societal transformation. It aims to help bring change to our nation by inspiring the rebirth of communities with our social projects.

It is inspired by the need to make love tangible and renewing our need to share, solving our basic problems while building a healthy habitable & safe environment. We believe we are our brother’s keeper.

“A safe nation saved & flourishing in love with an enabling environment for growth & increase, providing for the needs of one another.”

It is a clear extension of what Jesus represents; He came in love, sacrificed in love to give life to others. In this season, as we celebrate His birth, we remind ourselves of His love by a sacrificial commitment to show love to others with what we have.


We believe this social event unlike others will:

–              Subtly reorient individuals with the right value system, making them change agents.

–              Infuse the culture of caring & sharing which strengthens communal living.

–              Engage various platforms in a conscious effort to make the best of our communities.

–              Serves as a form of bringing people closer to God.


The first edition which was hosted on the 30th of December, 2013 in partnership with Hallmark International Christian Centre Lead by Pastor Julius Washington in Okumagba Layout, Warri.

We called on friends who responded in less than 7days. In the short time, we cooked, fed & shared food, clothes & toiletries for 400 people and couldn’t meet up with the demand as the crowd came rushing to get more.

At first, children came out and had fun; adults trickled in later until we changed strategy and took the food to their houses. They found it hard to believe this was real and for FREE. The rushed out to grab other gifts. Their response filled with joy was beyond what words could quantify as express by many women.

The response and result of our first & second edition inspired the need to to make it a bigger and continuous project.


We envisage a quick growth just like an epidemic where the middle and upper class will annually look forward to serving the lower class in thousands; families taking responsibility to clear their houses to provide for those who don’t have.

In our 3rd edition, we anticipate nothing less than 2,000 people in one venue and other local government and towns across the country adopting the project it its model in the pursuit of building a healthy nation on the principle of love & care.

We see a repeat of the times of the early church where people shared things in common beyond selfish boundaries with hearts healed from the pain of poverty and neglect. We see a medium to deploy tools for mass orientation & enlightenment, a needed platform my government agencies and multinationals. We will include medicals and explore other needs identifying those the average man cannot comfortably afford.


Do you know that little gift you have to share is the miracle someone is praying for? Be a blessing this season, show some love. We invite your partnership in cash and/or kind to meet up with our budgetary needs. You can bring food stuff, clothes (old or new), toiletries etc lets make the best happen for 2000 lives in our communities.

You can as well give N1000 in multiples for as many people you want to reach as a pack of food with toiletries is values at N1000 per person.

In partnering with us, you enjoy the following

  1. Extended publicity on our platforms and media

  2. Brand projection as a Social Transformation Change Agent

  3. A secured environment for you and your business

  4. Successful execution of Social Responsibility aiding growth

  • Project Year: 2015
  • Project Initiator: Teajay Chunu & Team
  • Project Location: Warri, Delta State