ARISD (Act Right Institute for Social Development) a private, non-profit making, non-partisan, non-government organization was established in August, 2010. It is an initiative of the Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF), an arm of Church of God Mission International. ARISD with presence in the 36 states of the federation is commissioned to enlisting all spheres of the Nigerian society/citizenry to act right where ever they are, in whatever capacity they find themselves with the singular aim of national transformation for the good of all. The Institute is registered as an NGO with a Board of Trustees composed of eminent Nigerians.

It is obvious that the current state of Nigeria is a far cry from the desired dream of every citizen. Corruption, vices, disrespect, negligence, abuse, injustices, large display of lack of integrity and more have eaten deep into the fabric of the system. Individuals act personally biased without a consideration of the effect of each decision on the society at large.

Ours is a conviction born out of the fact that the attitude of a man is either beneficial or detrimental to his society at large; his society is a product of collective attitudes of men. Hence, we believe if the man is right, his society will be right.

Change is one constant part of life and if we must secure the future, we must consciously reposition our present. We must not only pray or dream but wake up and act with the right value system as our culture. We must take responsibility, we must ACT RIGHT!

A Transformed Nigeria

To stimulate the passion for positive, national transformation in the Nigerian through attitudinal change and value reorientation; we will instigate a collective sense of responsibility, nationalism, and patriotism in Nigerians towards the realization of the Nigerian dream: a land of equal opportunities, prosperity, peace, equity and justice, a place where everything works!

Personal Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labour, Social Justice, Honesty, Religious Tolerance, Self-reliance and Patriotism.


1.    Mobilizing Nigerians of all tribes or ethnic backgrounds, religious, social, economic and political affiliations of the need to Act Right towards positive National Transformation.

2.    Sensitizing Nigerians of the need to consciously lead a corruption free lifestyle and resist corruption at all levels.

3.    Sensitizing Nigerians to be responsible to their civic duties at all levels and uphold the virtues of our national ethics which include Discipline, Integrity, dignity of Labour, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance, Self-reliance and Patriotism.

4.    To champion the cause for projecting a new positive image and perception of Nigeria.


In line with the mission of the institute, our strategy include among other:

1.     National reorientation Seminars
2.     Democracy and Good Governance Campaigns
3.     Youth Development and Training Programmes
4.     Education and Social Services
5.     Enlistment of Change Ambassadors

Bishop F.E.B. Idahosa II

Osas Ken Obarisiagbon

Tari Ekiyor

Wale Ajayi

Osayande Ekhator


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  • Project Year: 2012